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The Harlequin (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #15)

The Harlequin (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #15) - Laurell K. Hamilton How to make my review sound different, when the books at this point are much the same? Hmmm...

Good things: The constant foreshadowing of Marmee Noir and Belle Morte are leading up to something big. Anita finally tires of Richard, (I've been tired of him for the last six books) and forces him to choose in a decision that could cut him off from the protective power of their triumvirate. Also, Shapeshifters unite! (in an unforseen way). Edward is back and he brings the best help ever! I loved the vampire heart scene.

Bad things: Anita still over-thinks things. In the heat of battle, negotiation, decision making... everything has to stop for a dozen pages where Anita has to have everything explained to her piece by piece. And, every piece must be debated. (Anita! If you've been around these people for years now... don't you have these conversations during "down time"? Prep time people! Use the times when monsters aren't banging on the door to examine the possibilities of latent talents and combined energies! UUgh!) Also bad, Jason!? Seriously? And, he just "leaves town"? Sorry, this one plot idea is as bad as "Breaking Dawn"- Jacob imprinting on Esme. It pretty much screams, "I couldn't figure out how to get the main characters out of this mess so... magic trick! Voila!" BLECH!